Big Success for Small Business

Have you ever thought, "I'd like the boost that big businesses get from top experts. But I'm too small. I just can't afford it." Not any more!

From 1993 to 2005, I provided training and consulting for some of the bggest businesses - and biggest names - in the country. I worked with Fortune 1000 corporations and major government agencies. I helped build the network that keeps all of the nuclear power plants in the country connected to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commision (USNRC). I taught hundreds of project managers at J. P. Morgan Investment Bank, Sempra Energy (the power utility company for all of southern California), the Illinois Stat Police, and the State of Texas and their universities.

It was great work. But I realized there was even greater work - more exciting, and with greater potential - helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.

Connecting with Entrepreneur Magazine

In 2006, Entrepreneur Magazine came to me and asked me to write a book to help small businesses succeed. We created Entrepreneur Magazine's Ultimate Guide to Project Management for Small Business. In it, you'll find all the reasons businesses fail - and how to prevent or avoid failure and grow to success.

My clients see the value of learning the best tools to get it done right the first time. I work directly with them, offering low-cost, effective consulting and training to define and solve problems quickly; to plan well and jump into action to solve problems permanently and create lasting success.

Do you want to:

If you do, then Sid Kemp Enterprises has the solution for you.

No Canned Solutions

We diagnose before solving. Too often, a canned solution doesn't work, and your business ends up in the can! For genuinely interested clients, our initial consultation is free!

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